Discover more about Scotland’s industrial heritage and take an active part in its protection and preservation by becoming a member of the SIHS.

  • Are you an urban explorer?
  • Are you interested in industrial archaeology, technical or labour history?
  • Do the icons of mechanical, civil and structural engineering fascinate you?
  • Do you work in industry, or just would like to know more about its past?
  • Have you wondered why the Star Trek engineer is a Scot?

If you recognise that our industrial heritage is as much a part of the national psyche as shortbread, then this Society is for you!
Benefits of membership include a regular publication, fieldtrips to industrial sites and monuments, conferences and seminars, weekend tours and volunteer opportunities.

Obtain an application form directly from Robert C Rollo <rcrollo(at)> and then send a cheque for £15 or £20. You can confirm gift aid and set up a standing order.