Eric Watt’s Slides of Scotland’s 20th century Industrial Heritage, divided by type.

Unless otherwise stated, these photographs were taken by Eric Watt. Eric was a teacher in Glasgow, and an accomplished photographer. His images of Kingston and the Gorbals are displayed in Scotland Street School Museum, Glasgow. He also was treasurer and membership secretary of the Scottish Industrial Heritage Society (SIHS). On his death, his family passed some 1400 slides to the Scottish Industrial Heritage Society, and they were scanned and catalogued by Ted Salthouse. The Society intends to use the collection in ways that will further the aims of the Society.

Many of the photographs were taken on visits organised by SIHS or its predecessor, the Scottish Society for Industrial Archaeology, in the 1960s, to early 2000s. They have become a record of the changing face of industry in Scotland.

© SIHS Eric Watt Collection. Permission to reproduce them should be obtained from the Society.



Ceramic Industries

Chemical Industries, Glass & Leather

Engineering Workshops

Food & Drink


Horse Water & Wind Power




Power Stations



Water Supply

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