Just one day after the poet’s 260th birthday, your Society’s annual “Burns Doo” will be held on Saturday 26 January 2019 in Beechwood Scout Hall, Newhouse, Stirling FK7 9HQ, commencing at 11:30 prompt.

A full programme of talks is organised, with the following confirmed.

• Keith Bruce, author of “Bridgescapes: a personal journey through Scotland’s historic bridges”, will illustrate some of the highlights on that journey.

Bruce Keith is a surveyor and environmentalist, having started his professional career working on several Perthshire and Aberdeenshire estates and in Edinburgh with the Department of Agriculture. Bruce moved to England in 1996 as Chief Surveyor with English Nature/Natural England, but kept his Scottish connections, retiring three years ago as Head of Property at SSE. Bruce’s interest in bridges stems from his childhood. His passion for Scottish history, geography and landscape is a recurring theme, captured in “Bridgescapes” (ISBN 978-0-9566387-3-1, available for sale on the day). In addition to completing his book, Bruce has spent his retirement as an ambassador for the sustainable use of water resources globally, and, as President of his professional institution last year, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), has travelled extensively from New Zealand to Finland via Africa. This has left little time for golf, which is evidenced by his handicap.

A magnificent multi-course buffet will be available about 1PM, the last to be provided by Marion Bates, followed by:

• Dr Dan Coughlan: ‘Textiles in Paisley’. Paisley museum is currently undertaking a £42 million redevelopment project, to be completed in 2021. Textiles will feature prominently in the new museum development, reflecting the historic importance of Paisley as a major textile centre in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Shorter talks about:
• Canfranc Estacion, a former international railway station on the border between France and Spain which is slowly crumbling away, though some effort is now being made to conserve it. Opened in 1928 it closed in 1970 when a derailment destroyed a strategic bridge.

• BHGE (Vetco) Electronic Property Information Management System (ePIMS)

• Re-roofing of the oldest part of Bothwell Parish Church –an insight into the construction methods of several hundred years ago and the efforts needed to refurbish them for the future.

• A short recap of our conference 2018 in Caithness

• Offers of other short contributions can be made on the form below

Price, with lunch: £7.50 for paid-up members
£17.50 non-members (add £5 to become a member: special offer)